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We’ve spent more than 40 years refining our approach to the collection of government and student debt, which enables us to deliver exceptional returns to our clients. Coast is distinguished from other firms in the industry by our combination of government- and education-specific experience, cutting-edge technology, commitment to compliance, and industry-leading ROI.

There’s a reason that hundreds of government institutions, colleges, and universities across the nation, as well as the U.S. Department of Education, choose Coast as their vendor, entrusting us with thousands of accounts worth nearly a hundred million dollars every year. Simply put: Coast is able to recover the monies owed to our clients while preserving our clients’ reputation with the public they serve.

Evidence of our success is found in our sterling collection rates, which far exceed industry averages. Moreover, we have been a leading vendor to the Department of Education for more than seven years, outperforming other agencies on this contract. In fact, Coast is only one of two contractors to have achieved a perfect 100 CPCS score for four consecutive quarters for the Department.

Every Coast client receives our legendary customer care, including a dedicated client service team, direct email access to our CEO and President, and our promise to respond quickly and accurately to client requests. We also offer our clients access to ongoing education. We create quarterly webinars built specifically around the challenges and issues you are facing in the current economic and regulatory environments, enabling you to stay informed about the latest approaches and legislation that directly affect your institution.

Coast was the first agency to provide such webinars to their clients. We recognized our clients needed a reliable resource of information, and we immediately began moving to address it at no extra cost to our customers.

Because collection of government and defaulted education receivables requires a deft approach, we take great care when contacting your consumers. We strive to build a relationship with your consumer population, working together to solve their debt without affecting your institution’s public reputation. While Coast collectors use their best efforts to effectively collect all accounts referred by our clients, collectors will not, under any circumstances, use threats, intimidation, harassment, or violate any Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines. At all times, we conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, operating in strict compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, and adhere closely to all industry regulations and best practices.

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