Collection Representative Training

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Coast Professional Inc.'s consumer care representatives are among the most highly-trained collectors in the entire industry.

We emphasize extensive education, training, and professional certifications for our collection staff, and we allocate substantial resources to fostering personal and professional growth in our employees.

Our staff is our most important asset and their continual development will always be our priority.

To ensure our clients’ needs are fully met, all new hires must attend an intensive two-week, hands-on training program. This training encompasses the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) regulations and their application, Professional Telephone Collectors Techniques (PTCT), state laws, client specifics, and the rights, responsibilities and options of the consumer. We also cover accessing and operating our collection system, and collection tactics training, and daily routines. The information learned during this two-week period is reinforced on an ongoing basis with mentoring and monitoring to ensure the long-term success of our employees.

Coast invests heavily in training our collection representatives, ensuring they are informed with up-to-date information throughout their career at our firm. Representatives attend seminars, read industry related publications, have senior mentors, attend in-house training classes, and actively participate in simulated collection technique scenarios.

Representatives must pass ACA International’s FDCPA and PTCT tests with a score of 100% before they can advance to our collection system training and telephone collection activity. Both the FDCPA and the PTCT tests contain approximately fifty questions and include tutorials and interactive training. Representatives must also pass a series of quizzes throughout the initial training period that cover specific topics depending on their assigned department, including collection techniques, bankruptcy laws, Federal Perkins loans, tuition balances, and private (institutional) loans. This valuable training ensures that representatives understand the collection concepts and techniques needed to deliver the most professional and successful service possible on behalf of Coast’s clients.

Coast recruits and hires collection representatives who are bilingual and multilingual. It is imperative that we be able to speak with each and every student our clients refer, regardless of nationality. We currently have employees on staff who can speak Spanish and other languages.