Consumer FAQs

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Q: Is my institution required to notify me before turning my account over to Coast Professional?
A: Most institutions generally send out a notice prior to assigning a debt to Coast Professional. However, they are not required to make sure it reached the addressee.
Q: What do I do if a Coast Professional representative contacts me?
A: It is important that you respond as soon as possible. If you don’t, Coast Professional will continue to try to reach you to collect what we believe is a valid debt. If you owe the bill, we can help you figure out ways to pay it.
Q: Why can’t I just continue making payments directly to my institution?
A: Once a debt is assigned to a collection agency, that agency becomes responsible for collecting the debt, and is the only one that can arrange payment terms.
Q: When are Coast Professional representatives allowed to call me?
A: According to the FDCPA, an agency may only call at hours presumed to be convenient for the consumer -- generally, between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. local time. If these hours are inconvenient for you, you may ask your Coast representative to contact you at a more convenient time.
Q: Can Coast Professional contact other people and discuss my bill?
A: Coast Professional is legally empowered to contact other people to locate a borrower. However, our representatives will never discuss an accounts status with anyone other than the borrower, unless we are authorized to do so by that borrower.
Q: Can Coast Professional contact my employer?
A: Yes, we may contact your employer to verify your employment, to verify your business location, or in the event we have obtained a judgment against you to garnish your wages.
Q: Can Coast Professional contact me at my place of employment?
A: Yes, however we will not if we know that your employer prohibits you from receiving such communication. If you do not want to be contacted at work, you can request that we not telephone or send you written notices. Be sure to make your request to Coast Professional in writing.
Q: How do I stop Coast Professional from contacting me?
A: If you want Coast Professional to stop contacting you, you may:
  • Pay the outstanding balance in full.
  • Set up an automatic payment arrangement.
  • Request, in writing, that we do not contact you anymore.

Remember, if you request no further contact, and your debt is still outstanding, you are still responsible for resolving that debt.

Q: Does Coast Professional have to accept partial payments?
A: It is at our client’s discretion what type of payments to accept on behalf of their institution.
Q: What about oral (unwritten) payment plans?
A: The same conditions apply to unwritten agreements as do the written agreements. Both are contracts between you and Coast Professional.
Q: What if I can’t make the payments I agreed to make?
A: As soon as possible, contact your representative at Coast Professional before you miss a payment or send a partial payment. Explain the problem and what you plan to do to solve it and catch up on your payments. Your representative may be able to work with you.
Q: What if the bill has been paid or I feel I do not owe the bill?
A: If you feel that you do not owe the bill, or if the bill has already been paid, send Coast Professional a written explanation along with copies of receipts, cancelled checks, and any other information to back up your claim. It is important to send your letter within 30 days after you were first contacted by Coast Professional. Once we receive your dispute letter, we will immediately stop all attempts to collect the debt until/unless we verify that you are responsible for the debt, and that amount due is correct.
Q: What if I am not the person Coast Professional is looking for?
A: If you are not the person we are looking for, please let us know in writing and explain the mistake. You may be asked to provide a driver’s license or social security number to prove that you are not the person responsible for the debt.