Skip Tracing

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Finding Your Lost Consumers

As experts in the collection business, Coast Professional understands the difficulty of locating and collecting from a population of consumers in transition. We have an exceptional track record in finding consumers who have been “lost” for many years, and in collecting government debts, student accounts, and loans that might otherwise be written off.

Our belief is that anyone who is working, holds assets, or who interacts with society in even the smallest way can be found. Because of this, we believe that skip tracing is the most important part of the collection process, and have invested heavily in the resources we use to locate consumers.

Without question, our experience has proven that representatives have the greatest success in this process. Skip tracing requires a special set of skills including creativity, imagination, self-discipline, and advanced research methodology. These skills are used to work every avenue available to find the piece of information that will allow the representative to locate the consumer and provide the information needed to initiate the collection process, or recommend alternate means of account resolution.

Additionally, skip tracing activities permit our clients to assign federal loan accounts back to the Department of Education in the event that collection is unsuccessful. At Coast, our locate efforts exceed the level of skip tracing mandated by federal regulation.